Why is taking care of one’s health important?

Health and wellness should be the first priority in one’s life.

Rohit Dhama

5/20/20232 min read

a woman sitting in a lotusion with a bowl of food
a woman sitting in a lotusion with a bowl of food

Health can be defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It is a new wealth that we should earn by giving our time to make it happen. The idea of having ‘good health’ doesn’t mean that you are free from any kind of disease. Your body could be in just the same danger if you don't care for it. By achieving good health, one can lead their life to their full potential. So, your problems with health are not solved just because you are not suffering from any ‘life-threatening disease. It turns out that bad health could be just as dangerous. That's why there is importance of health and fitness.

Achieving good health and why it is important

Being in a healthy state, a person/individual can achieve anything in their life because, when you are physically and mentally strong, you can face any kind of difficulty in your life. Health and wellness should be the first priority in one’s life.

Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent you from developing various chronic diseases that require long-term medication. As you age, the possibilities of having such diseases as heart attacks, arthritis, chronic pain, etc. become more prominent. So, if you want to stay mobile and have a healthy life in the future, the steps to do so should be taken today. Moreover, in the present, it boosts your confidence, self-esteem, and self-image.

Health is important in one’s life to be productive and to lead a productive life, and the most important thing is giving your internal organs the nutrition which is right for one’s health. So, there are benefits of exercise that can help you achieve that.

Why has being healthy become a tiring task nowadays?

If an individual is healthy, they can maximise the results by attaining their full potential. Realizing the benefits of health and fitness is very crucial nowadays.

Nowadays, youth is indulging in alcohol consumption, smoking, and other such things that can ruin their possibilities of having a thriving life in the future or maybe in the present.

We should educate the youth about the importance of health and make them better citizens by making them understand the long-term consequences of alcohol, smoking, and other things that they consider a lifestyle.

They should practise the ‘healthy way of life’ and withdraw themselves from these things, and come to realise the importance of good health.

What to do?

If someone wants to attain a healthy lifestyle, then they should focus on the following:

  1. Make short-term goals

  2. Be accountable- What are you doing?

  3. Meet your deadlines.

  4. Do small changes.

  5. Have a systematic and organized day

  6. You can start by personalized diet and fitness plans